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     I have never seen such a desire in people to come to God. The response when I give an invitation to come and surrender their lives to the Lord, whether it is for the first time or as they make a new commitment to God, is overwhelming. When I share His Word with people that He isn’t mad at them, that He wants them to walk with Him in holiness, that He will break the power of sin off their life, entire congregations are answering the altar call. They are standing with their hands towards heaven crying, forgiving others, and themselves as they receive forgiveness.
The conviction the Holy Spirit brings is present and His church is responding.
     It is  truly evident that most people don’t want a history lesson only about God. If given a taste of His power they begin to desire the deeper supernatural things of God. We must begin to not only talk about how great God is, but begin to demonstrate His miracle working power.
     The promise of the Father is that once we are saved and forgiven from heaven He will fill us with His Holy Spirit.  Are you pursuing the supernatural things of God? He is a Spirit and seeks those to worship Him in the Spirit, not in your carnal mind. He is a supernatural Spirit. If you are telling me that He lives inside you then something supernatural should be happening around you and through you. Shouldn’t you be receiving breakthroughs in your emotions, body, and even your finances. If you obey Him He will bless you. I guess the key to breakthroughs is believing Him enough to walk in the spirit by faith.
     The scriptures tell us that without faith it is impossible to please Him. Anyone who operates in the flesh can’t please the Lord. I encourage you today to take a leap of faith and begin to trust Him. Fight using His Son’s name(JESUS) to get what rightfully belongs to you and then keep it.
     The Bible says we are to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. The word salvation means:
          1. Forgiveness of sins
          2. Healing of your body
          3. Soundness of your mind
          4. Benefits of messianic salvation
          5. Deliverance
     What we receive from heaven we need to be stewards of and not allow the devourer to steal from us.
We can be delivered from the following:
          1. Penalty of sin
          2. Power of sin
          3. Presence of sin
          4. Pleasure of sin.
   Jude verse 24 says “Now unto Him who can keep you from falling and present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy.”
That’s my goal, desire, or vision so to speak, to be presented faultless before Him.
     I want to be like Jesus when I grow up, how about you? To God be all the Glory!!
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