Brian Adams Ministries | Pastor Andrew Yeager
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Pastor Andrew Yeager

Pastor Andrew Yeager

I am so proud of this man of God. I am watching as his spirit is awakened and excited just like mine was when I first came to Africa. When you are first stirred and excited when you receive and accept the call of God, It is now amplified when your global perspective is activated. I know by the Spirit of God that he will never be the same. His attitude and grace in which he interacts with the people of South Africa, amazes me. It is as if he has always traveled . It normally isn’t that way. Most people including myself have to learn and grow. It appears he has a natural grace and gift from God.As a Pastor and father I am very proud and blessed. Get ready Jackson Rock church, you will not recognize this man of God, his fire is now ignited with a global passion. He will finally begin to partially understand me…lol

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