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I believe we are in a time where we need to share our faith like never before. In a time of prayer at the beginning of the year, I believe I heard the Lord speak.He said that part of the schemes of the devil for this year was to cause the death of as many people as he could. The unsaved, so that they couldn’t get saved and therefore be damned forever. The saved so they couldn’t be used to bring in the harvest. One of my favorite saying is that a part time christian can’t defeat a full time devil. We need to be in prayer and watching, quoting the word, living the word and doing all that we know to do. Its time to rise up and begin to reap a harvest for the Lord. Saints, I want to encourage you to begin to share your personal experience with Jesus like you have never done before. Witness, invite to church and share Christ through the Power of Forgiveness and Love of God. What the world needs now is ” Jesus” He is the only Way!!!

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