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Demons Manifesting

Demons Manifesting

No matter where I preached this trip, it was just like the book of Acts. Demons were manifesting in every service. In the above picture we were at a food give away and I shared the gospel of Christ and prayed for people. This women came growling at me and shouting obscenities. I laid hands on her just as they took the picture. We cast the demons out and prayed with her to accept Christ and she went and set on a pew in the church. Gods has an antidote to whatever bondage the devil has you in. The name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus has defeated the devil. Be free and made whole in Jesus name!!! God has not given you fear, you have authority over the devil. We cast out hundreds of demons while we were there and none of them could hurt us because of our relationship with Christ and the authority He has given us. They came out, they all obeyed the name of Jesus.

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