Brian Adams Ministries | Goodbye to my friend Dr TL Osborn
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Goodbye to my friend Dr TL Osborn

Goodbye to my friend Dr TL Osborn

I have just found out that my friend Dr TL Osborn has passed away. I had the pleasure to be in Ponce Porta Rico for 14 days in meetings
which changed my life forever. He then corresponded by e-mail for some time with me. He blessed our church by coming to preach and
taught at our bible school. I have watched all of his videos and read his books. He blessed my life. In the picture above he prayed and blessed my wife and I. He told me as I took him to the airport that the Lord had sent him to me to tell me I was ready for the nations. I will never forget how in awe I felt as he spoke those words. You will be missed my friend. I will see you one day in heaven. God bless your family.

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