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Godly character, anointed music.

Godly Musicians, Anointed Music


In all my travels as a minister, I have never seen anything usher in His presence like music. I am a psalmist myself and believe strongly that prophetic praise and worship will take us into His Glory and bring encounters between man and God. In His presence is fullness of joy, in His presence we can encounter His glory, in His glory we can become like Him.


I would like to introduce to you men and women of God that I personally know. They are not only anointed, but have godly character. I believe your walk with God will benefit by acquiring their music to have as a tool in your drawing near to God.


Simply click on the picture or text of each musician and you will be directed to their website or iTunes store. God bless you and yours.


Expecting everyday miracles…everyday
Dr Brian



BrianJenn-HowellBrian and Jen Howell


Brian and Jen Howell Live in Waverly, Ohio with their 5 kids in Jen’s Childhood home. The couple has served the Lord in many different ways in their lives but have always been drawn to worship and ministering to the Church body.


Brian is quoted saying, “I want to lead Gods sons and daughters into a deeper encounter with Him! I desire to see The bride rise up and be awakened! I believe God has called us to do that through prophetic worship by  ushering in the Glory and leading the people into a greater understanding of a Holy Spirit Encounter and just how important that is to be all He has created us to be. We need oil in our lamps and we need to be watching and listening for the Bridegroom to come. I don’t want to be a dry lamp.”





Visit their website:

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Chris-BurnsChris Burns


Chris Burns is a prophetic psalmist, revivalist, and preacher who has been marked with the call to pioneer resting places for the Lord God in people, cities, and nations across the earth. Through living out a First-Commandment lifestyle he carries the spirit of revival desiring to bring awakening and transformation to cities and regions all over the world.


Chris and his wife Danielle, along with their children Jude and Mila, seek to rebuild the fallen tent of David and see generations live in abandoned intimacy with God and express this through all of the creative arts, leading worship, and the preaching of the gospel.






Visit his website:

Find Chris Burns on iTunes

Clay WebbClay Webb


Clay Webb is an American singer/songwriter, revivalist and worship leader with a passion for the Presence of God. Raised in the soulful heart of Appalachia, he has lead worship for over a decade and has been playing piano and writing music since he was a child.


With a Bachelor of Arts in Music, Clay is based out of Jackson, Ohio, but his travels often take him around the world where he shares his gift of music and his passion for the presence of God.


His music ranges in styles, but every song digs deeper in the human search for musical expression in response to the glory of God, as Clay believes that the very atmosphere of Heaven can be released, even through something as simple as a song sung out of sincerity.






Visit his website:

Find Clay Webb on iTunes

Jodie-JermaineJodie Jermaine

My name is Jodie Jermaine Lee. I’m 23 years young. I grew up in Charleston, West Virginia. I’d like to think of myself as a recording artist for Jesus. I began doing music at the age of 12 because of my cousin David Harvey investing in me. I fell in love with music from that moment and even joined my middle school band because of it. Slowly my hope in becoming a major recording artist withered as I got older when reality set in. When I turned 17, I stumbled upon a rapper named D-Pryde who inspired me to keep pushing. I knew I was getting a full ride scholarship to Marshall University so I made it a plan to take out a school loan and buy studio equipment. When the time came I did just that. After a year of college, I dropped out being certain Id get a record deal. Next thing I knew I was getting a call. Long story short I had to leave the label due to risky business and from there I started recording a solo album knowing that would be my ticket. During the process, my college roommate found Jesus and started nagging me to go to church. Finally I accepted and my life started changing slowly. One thing I couldn’t get rid of was marijuana. Then the unexpected happened. The fear of God hit me when my friend challenged me on where I’d spend eternity. I said a simple prayer and woke up delivered and on fire. Jesus became life overnight. The devil threw me a couple nice opportunities to go major shortly after but because I had good people around me I declined. I moved to Parkersburg, West Virginia two months later because a man named Roger Mcdaniel opened his home and heart to me. It’s been about 3 years and 4 projects since then and I’m still just as excited. I don’t know what God has for me at this point but he’s a big God that does big things. The best part is I know that He loves me!




Visit his website:

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