Africa Mission



Going to Africa, for an evangelist, is like an actor going to Hollywood, or a musician to Nashville. It’s a dream come true . We now have been there multiple times building friendships, edifying the church and seeing thousands saved and hundreds healed over the years.


Africa is the place where God gave me my heavenly vision to heal the sick. He called me to a 40 days fast and said he was taking me the “the land that time forgot”.


On one of my first trips there, I witnessed amazing miracles as another evangelist ministered. Blind eyes saw, deaf ears heard, people got up out of wheelchairs healed. On the plane home, I was meditating on what great things God had done, the Lord spoke to me and said, “Brian, I am no respecter of continents. What you have seen here, I will do, if you will dare to believe”


I know now that “land that time forgot” was “the power of the First Century Church”. If we provide the hands, He has provided the healing. If we provide our lips, He will provide the words….


Africa is and always will be my friend.


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