The Grandmother’s Faith Brought Healing For Her Grandson

The Grandmother’s Faith Brought Healing For Her Grandson

I was in Karachi, Pakistan, where I stood before a 20,000 plus crowd of hungry people wanting to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. Once the gospel had been preached, I threw the Gospel Net and over half the crowd stood to accept Jesus as Lord. My heart was so thrilled to witness the Word of God coming to pass and souls turning from darkness to light.

I instructed the crowd to place their hands on the place of their body that was sick or hurting. We prayed the prayer of faith over the crowd.  I then requested that the people check themselves over where there was growths, pains, or abnormalities to see what the Lord had done. Over a thousand people raised their hands stating that they had been healed by the Lord. As I was standing by the edge of the stage an older women grabbed my pants leg and starting pulling on it hard. I looked and saw this women trying to get my attention. I had my translator ask her what she wanted. She had her 14 year old grandson with her and she said while I was preaching God had told her that if I prayed for her grandson he would be healed. I leaned down and prayed in the name of the Lord. He immediately heard and spoke for the first time.

The Word being taught and faith being released makes way for healings!  God is so awesome. To Him be the Glory!!

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