Written Testimonies

DSC_0379Special Note: Dr. Brian Adams states that he takes no credit for healings, miracles, or salvations. Only Jesus saves and heals.


Janie Collins/ West Virginia


Thank you Pastor Brian. You prayed for me at The Rock Parkersburg (my home church) two weeks ago. While checking my heart, my doctor told me she heard a heart murmur and asked me to have an echocardiogram. I got the results back today and they came back negative. The Cardiologist couldnt find anything !!! Thank you Jesus for your healing power.



Sciatic pain 20 years. Torn rotator cuff-couldn’t lift hand or pick anything up. Sciatic pain now completely gone. Rotator cup-can lift over head and no pain.



Osteoporosis and Scoliosis in spine, loss of hearing , pain and stiffness in back , could not move freely. All pain gone and can move freely.

Jim /Arkansas


Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and Liver Cancer. After prayer, felt relief and no pain.

Derek /Arkansas


Stomach Pain for 12 to 13 years. After prayer, felt no more pain.



Both hands going numb. Hands went from being not aligned to being in alignment. Hands are completely healed and all numbness gone.



Torn rotator cup – could lift arm only half way and could not rotate. Instantly healed can lift arm and can rotate shoulder with no pain.



Shoulder and elbow pain. Painful to move both shoulder and elbow with pain. Went forward for prayer and now completely pain free.



Interstitial cystitis, Chronic Pelvic Pain for 4 years. Prayer received and no pain when walking and running.



Arthritis throughout body. Moving more freely and reduced pain after prayer.



Right knee bothered her and she couldn’t even do her job effectively. Neck would lock up. When Lisa went up for prayer, Dr. Brian laid his hands on the tip of her spine and she felt heat and then her neck pop. Pain left knee and she can bend and move freely. Left leg was shorter than right but when he prayed it returned to normal. Totally pain free.



Fibromyalgia, emotional torment, anger, unforgiveness, condemnation. Carie had son killed several years ago. Dr. Brian prayed and she feels peace like she has never felt and all the heaviness, anger and torment has lifted. She has been set free.



Chrones Disease and lower back pain. As Brian prayed she felt heat all the way from her head to her toes and all pain left !! Totally pain free.

Mary / Arkansas


After receiving prayer for emotional issues, Mary received a deep, powerful healing in her heart and mind, delivering her from horrible wounds of unforgiveness, hurt, shame of being sexually molested as a child.

Braidon / Arkansas


Had anger issues, unforgiveness, held grudges, ankles would pop out of place. As Brian prayed Braidon felt a heaviness being pulled out of his chest. Ankles no longer popping out of place.

Sheila/ Arkansas


Lower back pain, bone spurs, swollen and inflamed ligaments, degenerative disc disease. Instantly after receiving prayer, pain in back disappeared.

Chandler/ Arkansas


Left leg hurting from an injury. Chandler felt the heat throughout his body and is completely healed.

Todd/ Arkansas


PVC’s and heart palpitations constantly and after prayer, for the first time in over 2 years it has stopped.

Paula/ Arkansas


Pain in gallbladder and ribs for a year. Instant prayer began, pain left.

Chip/ Arkansas


Broken big toe made walking painful and hurt when opening and closing hand. When Brian prayed for his hands, all pain gone.

J.C./ Arkansas


Healed of sinus issues.

Robert/ Arkansas


Torn rotator cuff in left shoulder. No lifting at all and limited in use. Dr. and surgeon said totally unrepairable except by God. Dr. Brian prayed for Robert and instant pain gone, total range of motion restored. Able to lift and lifted a 30 lb. chair and swung it around in the service. Excited about God’s healing power.

Taylor/ Arkansas


Scoliosis of pain but when prayed for felt back straighten and can bend over now.



Suffered from migraine headaches and couldn’t bend or straighten right elbow from a break. Healed by the power of God.

Mary/ Arkansas


Fibromyalgia and back injury from car wreck. Has been in pain management for 2 years and nothing has helped. After prayer in service with Dr. Brian she was completely pain free.

Michael/ Arkansas


Tendonitis’s is Left arm. Was unable to lift anything up and be in pain for 5 or 6 months. Once prayed for, he felt bones and muscles moving around. Pain free.

Dana/ Arkansas


Cheerleading accident from over 30 years, tailbone crooked, back and neck pain. Headaches, pulled muscles and couldn’t bend completely over. Has had constant pain for over 38 years. When she was prayed for she can now move her neck, back, bend over and is completely pain free.

Kelly Kramer/ OH/


June 2010 I was traveling from Ohio to Michigan. When I reached the hotel I became very sick. I was cold, shaking uncontrollable, and was becoming very weak. I tried to warm up with a hot bath, but it was not helping. My muscles were tightening to the extent that I was not able to move. My hands contorted. My husband called Pastor Brian. My hands were contorted so that I was unable to hold the phone. My husband held the phone to my ear as Pastor Brian prayed over me and commanded the sickness to leave my body. Quickly I noticed a change. My hands relaxed, I felt the warmth enter my body. I was weak for several more days, but I know that God saved me that day. I researched the symptoms that I had (the next day I noticed a mosquito bite on my arm) all of my symptoms pointed to West Nile Virus. It was very scary at the time, but I knew that my God was big enough to heal anything that came against me. I stood on the Word and called my Pastor to come into agreement with me. Thank you Jesus for being in my life and for also putting Pastor Brian and Pastor Karen in my life. To God be the glory.

Becky Graves/


I was deaf in my right ear for 28 years, I even had three surgeries to restore hearing. I still couldn’t hear. I visited a church service at the Rock in Jackson, Ohio where Dr. Brian Adams is pastor, and at the end of the service he prayed for me and the Lord restored my hearing. All the glory to the Lord.

Kimberly Martin/ AL/


Praise to our God! It is with joy and thankfulness that I am writing this message to you. I have suffered with psoriatic arthritis for almost 5 years. I am 44 years old, married, and have 3 children, the youngest is 4. I have been a believer for 7 years. I had an emotional “salvation” experience in church at 17 years of age, but it was not until the Lord took me to rock bottom 7 years ago, that I learned what standing on the Rock truly meant. I met my Savior and Lord and my heart was changed.


Almost 5 years ago I began developing a myriad of physical symptoms, extreme fatigue, horrible joint pain, a rash on one of my legs, nausea, weight loss, profound anemia, my hands and lips would turn blue, as well as other symptoms. After 2 years, having seen 10 doctors, I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. No cure (the world’s opinion) and meds to control the disease are laden with side effects. I had no quality of life to include not being able to work as a Registered Nurse. I had days where just walking across a room would take my breath away.


My emotional life was just as difficult. My husband and I did not get along and we were trying to raise our littlest gift, our now 4 year old daughter. Through these years I became so tormented in my thoughts, I was bitter, angry, sick all the time, and could not believe that people would treat me the way that they did. This included my husband, our kids, my family, my in-laws, everyone. All the while I would attend church, smile in public, and even read my Bible.


I assumed that everyone else needed to change. I would ask God to help, but the longer things went on the more distant He became to me. Some months ago I began to have thoughts about forgiveness. I would hear teachers talk about it and even made a sticky note for my computer to remind me about being a forgiving person. I didn’t get it though. Two months ago I saw you, Dr. Adams, on tv. I listened and my spirit finally heard words of hope. I ordered your series and began listening to the cds. I don’t know exactly which cd or which prayer it may have been, but I GOT IT! I have been delivered, transformed, and healed of my arthritis! Praise God! I have energy and a happy heart. Just last week I was able to travel with my husband and little girl on a business trip for the first time. I took Elizabeth to a farm and walked without pain or stiffness. I was able to crouch down and watch tadpoles in a pond for some time. I stood up and began walking, it was at that moment that I realized that the arthritis was completely gone. Before if I had been able to crouch down at all, I would have had to get on my hands and knees and struggle to get up, then deal with the pain until I could move again. NO LONGER!


My husband even tells me that my appearance has changed; people tell me that they hear it in my voice. My relationship with my husband has been restored! When God transforms you, when you are obedient, nothing will stop the impact it will have not only on you, but also on those around you. I am continuing to listen to the series and working on taking every thought captive and constant forgiveness. I know that by His grace I will do it. There is more to my story; the Lord is still working, and I am ready to tell all of what the Lord has done and is doing in my life.


Thank you Dr. Adams for being obedient, for listening to the Holy Spirit, and for sharing God’s revelation. Accepting Christ was the most important thing I have ever done, learning to forgive is right beside it and completes the work of the cross in my life. May God bless you, your family, and your church. Please pray for those who will receive the cd sets I am ordering, I want everyone to hear this message. I excitedly look forward to sharing even more of God’s wondrous works.

Jill Z/ USA


I suffered from chronic pain for about 11 years on my shoulders and other complications.Despite heavy medication the pain was intolerable.


My husband is from India and his sister who lives there had seen Pastor Brian Adams on the Sid Roth show ” It’s Supernatural ” and asked us to visit the church which is within two hours of our home.


This past Sunday we visited ‘The Rock’ with great hope and expectancy to receive a miracle from our LORD JESUS. With Pastor Brian Adams as the chosen vessel and the church as HIS chosen place I received my miracle. I am finally pain free. I thank GOD for his grace, love and mercy. HE has truly redeemed me from destruction.


I thank GOD and the ministry of Pastor Brian and the church family for being there for me. I encourage everyone seeking a healing miracle to get in touch with this ministry in submission to JESUS CHRIST and expect a miracle. PRAISE THE LORD !!!

Kelly Kramer/ OH


Pastor Brian came to The Rock Parkersburg, Sat March 5th, 2011. I had pain in my neck and jaw. My sinuses were blocked. Pastor Brian prayed for me. I woke up the next morning pain free. 2 days later there was no more sinus pressure or drainage. I was completely healed. Thank you, Jesus.

Sue Johnson/TX


I emailed pastor, Brain Adams and he called me when he received it and prayed for me over the phone. I was delivered from depression, anxiety,and a hearing problem in my right ear instantly. I was also prayed for my eye sight. I am believing for 20/20 vision.

Rev. William Collins/


Dr. Adams was in Denver, Colorado running a meeting at Mt.Zion Church of God in Christ. Many were healed in the meeting. My sister in Tulsa, Oklahoma had 70% loss of hearing in both ears. Dr. Adams prayed for her over the phone, and GOD healed her. She is hearing fine now. Thank GOD for Dr. Adams.

Esther Rodriguez/ OH/


My husband and I moved here from Florida a year and a half ago. In Florida on Dec. 28th 2007 I was told that I had stage four Breast cancer and that it had already spread threw my entire body. They gave me 6 months to live and a 30% chance of making it to 3 years. We felt that God had told us to move back home but I hesitated because I didn’t want my family to think I was moving home to die. God’s word said I was healed and that I will live a long life. I believed Gods report not the Doctor’s. We looked for a church where the Pastor’s preached the word of God and believed in healing. In March of 2010 we found The Rock in Jackson, Ohio with Pastor’s that connected with us threw the word. The very first night we were there. Pastor Brian prayed the prayer of agreement with me that I was healed and would live and not die. That was a blessing in itself. Not to many Pastor’s would pray that prayer in faith and not back off. Shortly after that the Doctors told me I had several tumors in the membrane around my brain and they did radiation on me. They didn’t think it would do much good. Pastor Brian once again in faith prayed for a mircale for me. The Doctors after the radiation treatments were done did a MRI. They waited two months because the Doctor said it would tell more. I went in for my report and my Doctor came in and grabbed me and danced me around praising the Lord and calling me her mircale patient. The MRI came back perfect better then she had even hoped for. A few months later I had to go in for my check up’s and another MRI. All reports came back perfect the Doctors were thrilled. This past Dec. 28, 2010 was the three year mark that we celbrated. God is good and faithful to keep his word. He is more then able to do what He promised. It is a blessing to have Pastor’s that are not afraid to pray the word of God over you. The prayers of the Pastor’s and the people at the Rock church and been a great encouragement to me and many others. All praise to God and the Pastor’s that He placed in the body of Christ. We are blessed.

Cindy Robbins/ US/


On Monday August 23, 2010 I went to The Rock Church in Jackson, Ohio where I gave my life back to God. Also I received healing in my lower back and neck and also received a healing of fibromyalgia. Thank You God for everything and for Pastor Brian Adams.

Deanna Roberts/ US/


Pastor Brian prayed for my son and daughter. My son had some type of tumor growing in his back. He was scheduled for an MRI 4 days after he was prayed over and there is not a sign of anything in his back. My daughter had a low white blood cell count and was not gaining weight. She put on a pound and half before her next appointment and her blood count is perfect. They are no longer worried about her weight. She is doing just fine now. Pastor Brian’s preaching has really helped me focus my life in the right direction.

Matt and Jamie Gower/ US/


We had an amazing week of services in Quincy, IL with Pastor Brian! God used Pastor Brian to speak to my heart about submission in the local church. We have always been faithful with our tithes, but had never felt that we could “afford” much of an offering. After giving $50.00 on one of the first few nights, God told me to give $500 on the second to last night. After a few seconds of hesitation, I submitted. The next morning I awoke to news that I had received an unexpected $1000. Wow, my God is faithful!!!

Kimberly VanderMaiden/ US/


Pastor Brian visited our church in Quincy, IL and God used him to speak into my life powerfully. I was battling some offenses and hurt within myself and really wasn’t sure exactly how to deal with them. I knew it was hurting me and the church because the offenses and hurt that had come from a leadership member. GOD healed my heart in many ways those couple of days and the last night GOD spoke words to me that I’d been needing to hear for so long. I felt like I was being corrected and loved all at the same time and I received it and allowed those words to change me right then. Healing areas that I thought I’d be would never be healed. I know true renewal happened and I am so thankful for GOD loving me enough to send someone to speak to me when I needed it most. Thank You, JESUS!!!

Sheila Mayle/ US/


When our Pastor Troy Campbell asked for Pastor Brian to come to Cutler Mission Church, I, as many in the church was excited. Pastor Troy had been in church a few days before that with Pastor Brian. The Holy Spirit filled our church service so strong the other evening, I asked Pastor Brian to pray for my feet to be healed from the pain I have carried for a long time. He did. Quickly the pain went away. All I could say was, ” It’s true, it’s true”, then I started running, with no more pain. Thank you JESUS. Praise the LORD. GOD is good, all the time.

Cole Oakley/ US/


I was diagnosed with Torsion Dystonia. This was brought on by a football injury. I suffered for over 100 days. I had to wear a sling for my right arm. My entire right side was crippled over. This is such a rare disorder that there are only four known cases in the entire world, three of which are in Africa. After Pastor Brian prayed for me, the pain left and I was able to stand up straight. The doctor said this was incurable. My family and I had given up hope and didn’t know what to do. I walked out pain free, without the sling and standing totally erect! I give God all the praise!

Deanna Lang/ US/


I had severe pain in my leg and hip. I would have to walk with a cane. After Pastor Brian prayed for me, my leg was better and I was able to walk without the cane. The pain had completely left.

Marilyn G. Scarberry/Gallup, New Mexico


I had Glaucoma and my vision was diminishing . After prayer, I could immediately see better and the following day I went to the eye doctor and I no longer have Glaucoma. Thank you Jesus!!

Carol Yazzie /Gallup, New Mexico/ Navajo Nation


I was on oxygen and had breathing problems due to asthma, when I was prayed for I was able to breathe with ease and without my oxygen. Praise the Lord.

Rosemary Yazzie/ Gallup, New Mexico/ Navajo Nation


I had had pain in my back, legs and knees due to arthritis. After receiving prayer the pain left and I can bend and move, Thank You, Jesus.

Lucinda Harrison/ Houck, Az./ Navajo Nation


Severe pain in hands for years. I couldn’t open and close my hands. When Pastor Brian prayed for me the pain immediately left and my hands and fingers move freely. I am finally healed.

Katherine Selcido/ Thoreau, New Mexico/ Navajo Nation


My whole body has been in pain for years. Feet, hips, back and all bones hurt all the time. Doctors could not find the problem. I had to be helped down to the altar. When he prayed for me I felt warm and tingly all over. The pain has left and I can walk without help. God is truly awesome.

Christine Charley/ Gallup, New Mexico/ Navajo Nation


I had severe pain in the left side of my chest from cancer. I had chemotherapy today and felt weak. After prayer the pain is totally gone and I feel much stronger.

Nicole Devor/ Crownpoint, New Mexico/ Navajo Nation


My right ear had loss of hearing and my upper left arm has been hurting. The Pastor prayed for me and the pain left my arm and my ear is completely open.

Emily Castllo/ Thoreau, New Mexico/ Navajo Nation


I had asthma and a heart murmur which I could feel it beating right after prayer and I can breathe much better. Thank the Lord.

Evelyn Hood/ Church Rock, Arizona/ Navajo Nation


My fingers were bent closed and hurting. I could not open and extend. After prayer they are now opening and closing freely without pain. Praise the Lord.

Christina Paiseno/ Thoreau, New Mexico/ Navajo Nation


I could not hear out of my ear for 4 or 5 days now. I can hear perfectly after receiving prayer. Thank You, Jesus.

William Jake/ Thoreau, New Mexico/ Navajo Nation


Once I would sit for a long time I could not walk because of the back pain where my back had gone out. I also had around 70% hearing loss in both ears. After receiving prayer from the Pastor I could sit and stand or walk without pain and my ears are totally opened. Thank God for His miracle power.

Delbert Barbone/ Thoreau, New Mexico/ Navajo nation


I had pain very bad in my legs and walked into the service with a cane and after being prayed for all pain was gone and I walked out without a cane.