Check Out Our Brand New Greater Works Studio!

Check Out Our Brand New Greater Works Studio!

I want to thank all of my Centurion Partners and friends of Brian Adams Ministries for all of your prayerful support and financial support in helping us take His gospel to all the world. This year we started off in Israel and then recently to Turkey working with the underground Iranian church.

Thanks to you helping us build the “Greater Works Studio” we are doing lots of Zoom meetings and teachings all around the globe, along with television programs we are producing monthly. Through this venue of media, we are seeing many saved, healed and delivered. Our program is currently on 4 different stations around the world being viewed by millions. This is only possible because of you. Thank you.

I pray you enjoy this month’s video teaching. The Word and being a student of the Word is so important for us in these days that we are living in. We must continue to study to show ourselves approved. If the enemy can’t talk us out of our faith, then he will try to mess us up in our faith. Only rightly dividing the Word can we stand against His tricks and strategies.

Let me remind you to contend for your faith. God is faithful to complete what He began and I believe that there is some mighty works being done in you and through you all. I also want you to know that if you ever are in need of prayer or just want to talk some Word, I would love to hear from you. Send me a message, text, or call and let’s stay connected. Many times when calls come in, it is followed by “I don’t mean to bother you” or “I know you are so busy” but I want to assure you, we have time for you. You all hold a special place in our hearts and we want to hear from you. Praise reports, prayer requests, just a “hi, how’s it going?” is important to us here at Brian Adams Ministries.

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