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Come take the journey down the road of forgiveness as Dr. Brian shares a reality message revealing how faith moves God, but forgiveness releases His power. In this book you will receive understanding of how through the power of forgiveness you can receive healing in your body and your soul. As you listen to these spiritual truths, you will learn to make a “conscious decision” to forgive and release not only yourself, but others from your past.


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Endorsements for The Power of Forgiveness


Sid RothIt never dawned on me the depth and riches of the power of forgiveness until I got this book. Brian Adams has seen his healing ministry go from 30% to 80% when people got hold of this revelation. Real forgiveness is a major key to Gods favor and power.


Sid Roth
Host, It’s Supernatural

Pastor David ChisholmI have had the pleasure of serving as Dr. Brian Adams Pastor since 1987. I am thrilled that he has released this revelation of the “Power of Forgiveness” in book form. I have heard it said that there are “no enduring relationships without the power of forgiveness” and I would have to agree with that statement. I have watched as Brian has lived the pages of this book and can confirm that the healing power of God is released in this revelation. I have witnessed countless miracles in the Rock Churches over the years as Brian has relentlessly labored to bring salvation, healing and encouragement to the Body of Christ. Dr. Adams is one of the hardest working, faithful, ardent workers I know in the Kingdom of God. He lives to see the captive set free, the sick healed, the blind receive their sight, the deaf to receive their hearing, and the lame to walk. I know you will be blessed as you read the pages of this book. I highly recommend not only the reading of this book, but the Ministry of Dr. Brian Adams!


David Chisholm, D.Min.
Senior Pastor, The Rock Family Worship Centers

Pastor Tony KempBrian Adams has demonstrated through his ministry the power of forgiveness to bring healing, deliverance, and restoration to many. According to Jeremiah 33:3 the Lord says “call to Me and I will answer you. I will show you great and mighty things that you do not know.” The Hebrew word “mighty” means “inaccessible”. What Brian Adams has achieved through his book The Power of Forgiveness is how to make healing accessible to you. Brian has been a witness to the mighty power of God. He has witnessed the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk and has seen Jesus heal all kinds of sickness and disease. The Power of Forgiveness reveals the keys of the Kingdom that will bring restoration, healing and deliverance to many. The revelations that the Lord has given to Brian produces spiritual, mental, and emotional miracles as well as physical healings. Because of this message, relationships have been reconciled, friendships renewed, broken lives made whole, and marriages healed. When we release others, God, ourselves, and our bodies it opens the door for us to receive our own healing. The hindrances and blockages have been removed. To those who want to be used by God, in a greater way than presently experiencing, to bring healing to others, Brian offers truths on how to accomplish this. If you are one who loves to see the sick become well, The Power of Forgiveness will cause a dramatic increase in the number of healings you will see in your ministry.


Pastor Tony Kemp
Tony Kemp Ministries

Dr. Renny McLeanI have got to know Pastor Brian Adams over the past few years, and hearing his testimony has always blessed me, because he ministers from a place of a healed and renewed spirit. His book deals with the root issues of bitterness. When bitterness hardens the heart, it leads an individual to realize that they are under a closed heaven. They don’t feel that their prayers or worship lifestyle is bringing a breakthrough from the Father. They don’t feel that heaven is responding to them, and giving them a victory. As bitterness takes a strong root in the lives of people, they begin to see sickness, disease, phobia and fear. These are just a few of the things that Brian addresses in depth in this book. I know that as you read this book, you will name the people that you have unforgiveness and bitterness towards. You will get free from all the years that you have been stuck in your prison of confinement. Pastor Brian has seen countless receive their miracle as they release the pain of unforgiveness. I know that as you pray the salvation and healing prayers after you have read this book, that you will have your own testimony of the Power of Forgiveness and Wholeness.


Dr. Renny McLean
Global Glory, Inc.