Costa Rica Mission

costa-rica-missionCOSTA RICA: MISSION


I remember my first trip to Costa Rica where I was ministering in multiple churches. I had been really frustrated with my prayer lines because of the lack of my administration during the “hands on” praying. In the motel room I was fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit and I asked Him to help me. He immediately gave me instructions to line the people against the wall and bring them up one at a time. I remember being very nervous because if I did that it meant one at a time everyone could see if someone didn’t get healed. Regardless of my doubt I pulled my thoughts captive and obeyed the Holy Spirit. I am so glad I did. We saw many blind and partially blind healed,. The deaf heard and the lame walked. Those who were mentally and physically tormented were set free. I will always remember Costa Rica as the place where I died to my ways of handling the prayer lines and He (the Holy Spirit) took over. Thank you, Jesus.


Costa Rica, you will always be dear to me.


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