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Brian Adams Ministries



Dr. Richard E. AndersonBrian Adams’ ministry is Bible-based, Christ-centered and Holy Spirit anointed. It left behind an afterglow of spiritual results that have benefited our local church.


~Dr. Richard E. Anderson
Faith Tabernacle Church
San Jacinto, CA

173x148pic_davidchisholmBrian Adams is an invaluable asset to the body of Christ. His ministry is marked with a spirit of excellence, commitment and integrity, and it is full of revelation and the true nature of God’s power and presence. He has an unshakable desire to glorify Jesus Christ and see His people set free and living a glorious life in Him.


~Apostle David Chisholm
The ROCK Family Worship Center
Parkersburg, WV

Pastor FreemanI wanted to take a moment and thank you for being a part of our “Miracle Explosion 2011”. Pastor Brian was a genuine vessel of God in the preaching of the word, openly sharing his personal testimony and allowing the Holy Spirit to flow through him with signs following. We had, and continue to have, many testimonies of healings and miracles. In every service people were instantly healed right before our eyes….. to Jesus be all the glory!!!! Pastor Brian was always sure to give God all the glory and to let people know he was just a real person like everyone else and God desired to use all.  To Pastors;  Pastor Brian was a real encouragement to me and my wife. I know first-hand that ministry can be taxing, to say the least. We were both MAJORLY refreshed as the Holy Spirit ministered to us personally during the meetings. Pastor Brian had a unique way of calling the congregation to “covenant” with their pastor in a fresh way.


~Ronnie Freeman
Faith Assembly of God
Searcy, Arkansas

It is an honor for me to recommend the ministry of Dr. Brian Adams. As general manager of Daystar-WTSF-TV in Ashland, KY, I became acquainted with this wonderful couple when they began serving guest host on a regular basis of our program; Tri State Celebration. He and his lovely wife, Karen, always did an outstanding job of both interviewing guests, and sharing ministry through teaching. It was always a joy to have them in our studio, as they were a blessing to, not only the viewing audience, but to our staff at the TV station. They continued working with us in this ministry from 2007 until the program was discontinued in 2011. Dr. Adams is a much sought after preacher and teacher. His ministry has taken him across America and to many nations of the world. My life has been enriched because of my relationship with Dr. Brian and Karen Adams, and I know God is going to continue to use them mightily for many years.


~Dr. Richard Clifton
General Manager
Daystar-WTSF Television

Randle and Judeee LeeperDr. Brian Adams, thank you for the tremendous revival once again in January, 2012. This is your fourth year coming annually to our church. Before you came we had a wonderful evangelist who came every year and packed out the house. Signs and wonders followed. She had a ministry of love and was a grandma to many. Since her trip to heaven we had prayed for God to send the evangelist for our annual January revival. It was the Lord who brought you to us. In our first revival I remember the man who came in a wheel chair and could not walk. When you prayed for him you would not give up and with ushers helping him on each side he stood. You insisted he walk, NOT just stand!! They helped him walk across the front of the altar area. Then back again and again. Until he was totally walking on his own. His legs were atrophied and I witnessed with my own eyes the legs widen and the muscle grow. To this day four years later he is walking and running. Our church asks each year what date in January is Dr. Brian Adams coming. You did NOT merely fill the place of our last evangelist who had come over 20 years in a row but rather you added to the work and simply continued on with what God’s plan is indeed! Thank you for your dedication. See you next year.


~Dr. R. L. and Judith Leeper
Faith Tabernacle Church
San Jacinto, CA

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