Global Evangelism

Global Evangelism

I was on my way to Africa and was sitting in the airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

I looked up from a book I was reading and saw an airport employee pushing a Muslim woman in a wheel chair. They brought her right to where I was sitting and waiting for my flight. I immediately gained eye contact with her and started talking about her physical problem and asked her why she was in a wheel chair.
She began to tell me about her arthritis problem and how her knees were too bad to walk and her hands hurt so bad she couldn’t close them and even make a fist.

I immediately started telling her about my faith in Jesus and I believed He was the only way to the creator of the world. I mentioned that her faith and her god hadn’t assisted her in her infirmity. I felt the Lord’s love and compassion for her and ask if I could pray for her. I told her that all of her pain would leave and she would be healed.

She consented for me to pray for her and when I did God healed both her hands instantly. She sat opening and shutting them and saying all the pain was gone. I then prayed for her knees and one knee was totally healed of all pain and the other was part way healed. She got excited and said hurry and pray in this name of Jesus again for the knee that wasn’t totally healed so all the pain would go. I did and Jesus did, and oh how she did smile.

I told her that this proves that Jesus is the Son of God and she needed to leave her faith and accept Jesus as Lord and become a Christian. She took my hands and prayed renouncing all other religions and  confessed that Jesus is the Son of God and forgave everyone one in her life. She then asked to be forgiven and became Born Again.

She with tears in her eyes said it felt like the world lifted off of her. I ask to take her picture and she said please let her take a picture with me so she could show her son who had led her to Jesus. I found out that he was already born again and living in the states. She was from Tanzania .

I blessed her and gave her one of my books. We exchanged information and I am now in South Africa getting ready for some powerful meetings. There is nothing like having someone brought right to you and they are ready for harvest. To God be all the Glory!!

Expecting Everyday Miracles… Everyday for you!!

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