Life was Rescued from Death

Life was Rescued from Death

This young Navajo girl just turned 17 years old. She had been in a gang, on drugs, and in satanism. She was in church because her aunt would make her go because she lived with her. I had asked her to choose the night before if she wanted to choose Christ over the devil and she said she didn’t know. She had no emotion at all on her face.The next night I let Zach Robinson pray and prophesy over the youth. She let him pray and prophesy over her and He told her if she didn’t choose Jesus she would not live if she left the church that night. She cried and broke then and turned around and grabbed me and I prayed with her to accept Christ and renounce Satan and the world. The next day was her birthday and she had planned to jump off of a bridge and kill herself so she could join her boyfriend who had killed himself the year before. On her birthday she took the microphone and thanked us for being there and told the devil that he couldn’t ever have her again and she was going to live and serve Christ.

This is typical of the hopelessness and defeatism that is on the reservation youth. Please pray for them. If the light is shinning through us then others will be spared like this young girl.Thank you Lord for using Zach to bring a breakthrough for this girl.

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