Deaf Mute Healed by the Lord

Deaf Mute Healed by the Lord

    “And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul: So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them.”  (Acts 19:11-12)
Every time I see a person delivered from a demonic spirit or a miracle of healing take place, it makes the bible come alive to me.  I know God is real and His word is the absolute truth.  He set me free 29 years ago. Since that time I have made many mistakes, grieved Him, and I’m sure, even made Him mad. Thank you, Lord, for Your amazing mercy and grace. He is so quick to forgive when we confess our sins and truly repent of them.
As I travel in the United States and around the world, I am amazed at the miracles, healings, and supernatural things I am seeing the Lord do.  He is real!  He is alive!  He is God!

     I’m here in Bom Dispacho, Brazil, a small city where we just finished a three day crusade. We saw over a 1,000 people saved and hundreds have been healed by the power of God.  As I am writing, with only a few days left here in Brazil, I have a few more churches where I will be preaching.  I am believing for His grace and power to continue to do what only He can do.
On the first night of the crusade a lady came to our prayer line with a shirt.  She asked me to pray over it for her brother who was at home.  She shared with me that he was 48 years old and had been born deaf and mute.  I claimed the above scripture concerning prayer cloths and we believed he would be set free.  The next night she came back to the prayer line with a man with her.  It was her brother!  She had gone home, had him put the shirt on, and signed for him to say, “Jesus”.  He spoke for the first time and said, “Jesus”.   His ears had opened a little bit and he had heard for the first time.  We prayed for his ears right there in the prayer line and they opened completely.  All the people in the meeting were shouting praises to God.  I was watching the Word come alive to others just as it has done for me.  

     I encourage you to pray for people and watch your faith explode.  His sister’s faith and determination was honored by God and her brother was healed.  Be determined to accept nothing but the Word to work in your life and to come alive.

Expecting everyday miracles…Everyday.


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