50 Years of Silence Broken By The Name of Jesus

50 Years of Silence Broken By The Name of Jesus



There were many hindrances to this trip to Africa. Delayed flights, missed flights and unexpected overnight stays. Then I arrived at my first meeting, I was greeted with much respect, honor and love. As I walked over to my seat someone approached me and told me that there was a deaf person there who had come for their healing.

 I started to laugh because years ago that would of ruined my meeting because fear would have come on me. I would have worried the whole time I was preaching about could I possibly get them healed. It is so good to grow in the Lord and experience His faithfulness. I don’t know why I was worrying because I’m not the healer. He already released healing over 2000 years ago. At the whipping post  and the cross where he shed His blood and took all our pains and sicknesses. He has all power and authority over all sickness, infirmity , and disease. It must bow its knee and leave when commanded.

The worship was beyond awesome, the anointing supplied by the Holy Spirit on the preaching was overpowering. The altar was filled with people making  new commitments to the Lord. We transitioned to the prayer line and and the first person in line was a women who had been born deaf. She was 50 years old and never heard sound. At the use of the name of Jesus, with faith in that name her ears were opened and 50 years of silence was ended there at the altar. He truly is Alive and He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

 Bring your infirmity to the cross and receive your healing today.

Expecting everyday miracles…everyday

Dr. Brian Adams



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