My wife and I would like to take the time to wish every one of you a very Merry Christmas! We celebrate this time of the year as “His Birthday”. God so loved that He gave His Son. The true manifestation of love is giving. I pray all of you will have a wonderful time of giving and receiving in your homes and work places this Christmas season.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our partners and friends of Brian Adams Ministries who have made it possible for us to go and accomplish all that we have been able to do this year. Without your prayerful and financial support it would have been impossible.

We have gone to Nicaragua twice, South Africa twice, and Namibia, Africa. We also took our first trip to China and this was our second time to do miracle healing services in Israel. We have preached and proclaimed His Goodness in many prisons and jails over the state of Ohio and West Virginia.

This year we have also supported pastors in Nicaragua and helped in the construction of two new church builds. Fuel oil and wood pellets were purchased for our Navajo friends and we helped them with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and gifts. They have many adopted abandoned children they are raising.

Thousands have been saved and hundreds healed this year. We have seen multiple people get out of wheel chairs, the blind have seen and many deaf mutes have both heard and spoke. Cancer victims have been healed and stroke victims have been restored to health.

The greatest miracles were the thousands, who with hands lifted towards heaven, called on the Messiah and confessed Him as Lord. His powerful Holy Spirit has made them new creations and  filled them with His Spirit.

I cry as I think all that has happened this year. Thank you!! Thank You!!  Thank You for making a world of difference.

A new year and a greater assignment is upcoming. Please continue to support us as we venture to new levels of faith and glory. If you haven’t yet become a partner, please consider doing so. You can go to and click on Centurion Partners. We invite you to join us in this, His successful ministry to win the lost and introduce His power once again to this generation.

Expecting everyday miracles…everyday

Dr. Brian and Pastor Karen Adams

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