All over the earth people are praying for the Lord to send revival. I constantly hear “Don’t pray for revival, but be revival” There are two things I have learned that the Lord will not do.

1. That which He has already done, like sending His Son.

2. He will not do what He has told you to do.

We must stop praying for revival and become revival. If we would simply start talking about our personal experiences with the Lord with people, offer to pray for them it would bring them to a point of decision to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. If we would become a visible image of the invisible God we will experience revival. When the world sees us walking in His love, His forgiveness and not condemning people, then we actually become revival. We must take up our cross, which simply means to accept the call of holiness through repentance of our sins, take off the old man in Christ and place on the new man in Christ.

I hope you see that what we are asking the Lord to do is simply what He has called us to do. We must be the new creation he has empowered us to be. We have been given the power to become sons. We have not been made sons. Sonship is a postion fulfilled through obedience and sacrifice even unto death. We must be willing to lay down our life for others. When we are willing to do this, then revival which is actually found in the incorruptible seed placed in us at our conversion, will begin to grow.

The enemy is constantly trying to make us think we are not good enough to be used, so we find ourselves waiting for some superstar to come to bring the revival that actually was assigned for us to be the steward of.

There are no superstars, only sons and daughters who have by faith received the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and are allowing the signs of revival to follow them. Believe in Christ first and then believe in the finished work of Christ working in you and through you. You are actually called to be the answer to someone’s prayer. My friends, revival is actually a born again person being the supernatural son and daughter we have been created to be. Begin to relax and receive and then relax and relate what is in you in Christ.

Expecting everyday miracles….everyday for you,

Dr. Brian and Pastor Karen Adams

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