Centurion Partner Appreciation Dinner

Centurion Partner Appreciation Dinner

IMG_0134My soul was filled with excitement as our Centurion Partners arrived for our first annual “You Make a World of Difference” Partner Dinner. Ringing in my spirit all day long was the revelation that no one person can fulfill this great commission that our Lord and Savior has given us. As each person supplies their part, we can fulfill and accomplish heaven’s mandate to bring His kingdom here on earth.

The prayerful and financial support, the administration, the graphic design, website development, video editing and unity has all been a part of making this heavenly vision begin to come to pass. We are taking the good news of the remission of sins and empowerment of His body with the same power of his First Century Church.

Brian Adams Ministries is to go in to all the United States and around the world holding meetings, teachings, training and equipping His saints. We want to hold miracle healing crusades as bait to draw souls to be convinced and then converted to following Jesus.

My partners and friends are doing their part as they pray and financially support us monthly. Many have given one time gifts to sow where they can’t go. We can’t do this without you. You Make a World of Difference.

“Helping us go where He sends us”.

Expecting everyday miracles…every day….. for you!

Dr. Brian

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