Faith is Progressive

Faith is Progressive



The scriptures tell us we can speak to mountains if we have faith and tell them to move and they will. Many people see this as impossible. In the picture above you see me hugging an elderly women who just stood up out a wheel chair and began to walk and then took off running. I stood crying so touched by God’s great power which was working through me. I have to be honest. It didn’t start out that way. I remember the days of feeling like it was a powerful meeting if a headache was healed.

Faith is progressive. You must begin to trust God today to move molehills. As we major in faith on its minor level, we will qualify for greater adventures in faith on higher levels. Faith must be mastered first in its infant stages. This is crucial. Trying to operate on a level of faith without being qualified for it could cost our lives and ruin our destiny. We have to be faithful with the little. Do not despise the days of small beginning in any area of our faith. 

Faith can be progressively developed. It becomes greater and more visible with each use. As we use our faith, it gives opportunities for greater level of faith achievements. When we fail to use our faith in simple things, we may eventually lose our faith. I want to encourage you today. If your faith is small now, keep using it at your level and like the mustard seed it will grow and become more visible in due season.

The lifestyle of the rich in faith is always going from one stage to another stage to another. Just as it is normal as to inhale and exhale. It will become natural for you to live by faith. Faith is something you have to use. Faith just does not happen. You have to initiate it. After you initiate it it becomes God’s responsibility to perform. Keep the faith and the faith will keep you. Don’t quit, don’t even think about quitting. The only thing we as believers are allowed to quit is sinning. It is really, really going to be ok. Faith in God will see you through. Through faith God is doing it, and He is DOING IT BIG !

Expecting everyday miracles…everyday for you,

Dr. Brian Adams

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