From the Inside of an Empty Bottle

From the Inside of an Empty Bottle

From the inside of an empty bottle, I can hear the cry of hunger and poverty. As I go on these short term mission trips, I spend so much time crying and feeling broken hearted for the people I meet and the situations I am forced to leave behind.

I’ve always had a “mister fix it” mentality. As I get older and travel more, I know that it is impossible to fix a broken world. Only Jesus saves and heals. He is truly the only answer to the world’s problems. While this is a true statement, however, the great commission includes each one of us doing our part.

I come in, do short term meetings, evangelize, and release miracles and healing and you help by sending me. For that I am grateful, but there must be someone who stays and disciples. One that takes their place as a steward. Someone who feeds and trains those who have been caught in His net and saved. I have such a new found respect for full time missionaries who stay in the field.

Please, I encourage you to support missionaries financially and prayerfully. If each one can just do a little, together a little becomes a lot. Who else is going to do the Kingdom work except Kingdom Kids. Please become a part of the solution not a observer of the problem. He’s waiting on all of us.

Expecting everyday miracles…everyday for you,
Dr. Brian

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