Greetings to all of the people who are Centurion Partners and friends of Brian Adams Ministries. This has been a very interesting year so far.  While I have been traveling a lot here in the United State, the Lord has been setting up global trips beginning in June and continuing through the rest of the year.  Mid June I am leaving on my first trip to Ghana, Africa. I am always so excited to go to new countries.

While in Ghana, we will be doing leadership trainings and healing schools in three different cities. In the evenings there will be miracle healing and soul winning crusades. I will also be speaking and praying over the Goverment Parliament and the Nurses and Police associations. I will even be meeting with an African King.

Couple of weeks after returning from Africa, I will be leaving for Costa Rica to do two weeks of miracles services. Every night there will be meetings.

August I will be heading to Brazil for two weeks of miracle services and I am waiting on a visa for Pakistan in October where we will be doing souls winning and miracle services.

The entire month of November is scheduled in Namibia and South Africa. The year will end up with a trip to Nicaragua for 10 days and then I always try to do something with my friends on the Navajo Reservation. Yes, that’s right, it’s going to be a busy schedule. I will not be spending much time at home but I love being about the Father’s business.

The Harvest is great and the Laborers are few. There is so much work to do. The time is short and it will cost a lot to do all of this. This will only be possible with your help. I want to thank all of my monthly partners for your support, but I am asking you if you would prayerfully consider making a supernatural offering to assist in the harvest of souls in 7 different Nations. The Lord told Moses “every place your foot shall tread I have given it to you.” (Deut. 11:24) and then said it again to Joshua in Joshua 1:3.  I believe that Word belongs to all of us that are hungry to see hearts all around the world reconciled back to the Father.

Souls will be saved, minds released from captivity, and bodies will be healed.

Please pray for safe travels and for supernatural encounters everywhere we go.  Your prayers make the world of difference.  If you would like to donate to any of these trips you can go to www.brianadamsministries.com and click on donate and give a one-time offering and become a Centurion Partner. I thank you in advance. You are helping us harvest souls for His Kingdom.

Expecting Everyday Miracles …Every day,

Dr. Brian and Karen Adams


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