Go Into All The World

Go Into All The World


The Commission of Jesus Christ instructs us to go into all the World and preach the Gospel and make disciples. I have accepted and embraced this commission as a command to myself. I am being tremendously stretched each time I obey.  In every nation that I have had the privilege of being sent I have found different languages and different cultures.  I have learned that one must make a decision to learn cultures so that you offend less. As you know, a person offended will not receive from you. The whole reason to go is to be accepted  by them so they will hear and accept your message.

I have set at tables and ate food that I didn’t like and some I hardly could stomach. The hosts were smiling and so proud to be able to serve me and even have me in their home. I have experienced hospitality to levels where people would do without themselves, just so they could bless me. The favor of God that has been on me in so many places is indescribable . It truly has been a picture of God’s amazing grace.

However, on this trip to China, the food has been so good it has actually has brought a type of joy to my soul. Now that’s some good food! The making of new friends, converts, and disciples gives me a satisfaction that only Kingdom accomplishment can bring. I believe I am where I’m supposed to be doing what I’m commissioned to do.

We have seen souls saved, bodies healed, and souls delivered from demonic bondages. The culture, the language, the architecture has been a stimulating experience. I’m in a  place where humanism has demonically built a stronghold in people’s souls. This has been a new experience for me in the area of soul winning . I have had to seek God and cry out for wisdom. If there is one thing I know, He wants them saved more than I do. It is not His will for any to perish. It’s His Kingdom, His children, and His wisdom will win in the end.

I thank the Lord for sending me to China!

Expecting Everyday Miracles…Everyday for China!

Dr. Brian Adams

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  • Carlos Jimenez
    Posted at 15:46h, 11 September Reply

    Everything you post on facebook and all that you do blesses me….love your post…they inspire me…and God to be the Glory.

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