Go, Preach, Pray

Go, Preach, Pray



Due to the fall in the garden of Eden, the disobedience of man against God produced a situation that the whole earth has fallen. The second Adam, Jesus Christ, became our substitute and died paying the price for the sins of this world. Without this glorious message of the Gospel being preached through the world, man would continue to be born and die in their sins and spend eternity separated from God. Therefore, the message of His amazing grace and forgiveness being available at no cost, simply believing and receiving must be preached. Faith comes by hearing. No one can hear unless someone is sent, and if they are sent, they must proclaim this message. Generations of souls are at stake if we don’t obey. Now you might understand why I do what I do. I’m not in it for the travel or seeing the sights, I’m traveling the world to win this world for Jesus.

I pray that you understand the message I preach isn’t just a message of the forgiveness of sins of the spirit of man, but also the healing of the soul and body. This isn’t a hope or something that is yet to come. It is happening every day. That’s right “The Power of the First Century Church” is available today. Jesus Christ is “the same yesterday, today, and forever” Amen.

To the Muslims, Hindus and many other false religions this Gospel (good news) must not only be preached but must be demonstrated in acts of power and healing miracles to prove our Prophet is risen and alive. Walking in love and discernment we must go into all the world and make disciples. Will you help us by prayerfully and financially supporting this ministry that my wife and I have been made stewards over. Countries which are inviting me now are on standby waiting until I can afford to buy the ticket and go. When you sow, a part of you is going with me and touching the Nations. You can go to www.brianadamsministries.com and become a Centurion Partner today.

Expecting everyday Miracles…everyday for you,


Dr Brian and Pastor Karen

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