God’s Heartbeat

God’s Heartbeat

goAs you know, Brian is currently in Ghana, West Africa, where God is pouring out His Spirit. Please stay in touch with us through the website and social media to get a glimpse of all that is happening. Knowing he is busy with the work of the kingdom, I wanted to take a moment and share a nugget with you.

Evangelism is dying in many churches today and no, that’s not an overstatement. The statistics tell us that the number of new converts is declining each year. Yes, church growth may be happening but it is more “sheep shuffling” than new souls being added to the kingdom of God. Evangelism should be the churches #1 priority. We need to be on our faces asking God for “evangelistic passion” to be rekindled in our hearts again.

In every one of the gospels you will find where Jesus tells US to “Go and Tell”. It’s the heartbeat of God. Many things have changed in the two thousand years since Jesus ascended into heaven, but don’t be fooled by all the changes in our world. The mission we have been given is still the same. People are still born with a sinful nature, they all still rebel against their maker and they are still helpless to save themselves. The message that God loves us and sent His Son to save us has not changed. It is timeless. The methods we use to share it have changed a lot, but the message is still the same. The gospel of Jesus Christ is always relevant and applicable to all people around the world.

I want to share with you the words to a chorus by Steve Green we used to sing all the time.

“To love the Lord our God is the heartbeat of our mission

The stream from which our service overflows

Across the street or around the world

The missions still the same

To proclaim and live the truth in Jesus Name.”

Those are convicting lyrics to me. We can get so busy in our own little world that we can neglect the very agenda God has entrusted to us. We are called to be stewards of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are called to share Jesus across the street or around the world. Most of us aren’t in Ghana right now but those of us who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior must be about the business of sharing the gospel to others.

The making of disciples is something God has commanded us to do. It wasn’t just something He suggested would be a good idea. The greatest need man has is to be “reconciled to the Father”. We are going to have to give an account when we get to Heaven as to our stewardship of “His Good News”. There is going to come a day when we will be asked “What kind of witness were you while on the earth?”

To answer this question we must all examine ourselves. Would we be found hanging our heads down with tears dropping to the ground or would we be found face to face sharing our stories of what great things we have seen happen as we stepped out to share our faith with others? We are much closer to that day than we realize. So take a look at your agenda today, examine yourself, and let’s get about the Father’s business whether your assignment is across the street or around the world.

Keep Ghana and Dr. Brian in your prayers. We here at Brian Adams Ministries are grateful for your prayers and support. We always want  to let you know – You make the world of difference.


Karen Adams


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