Happy Easter to all who are reading this post. This a glorious celebration of our risen savoir and Lord Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul writes that our message and Gospel would be in vain if Christ had not risen from the Dead. That is correct. He is the only prophet who rose from the dead. He self prophesied His own resurrection. Some of his women followers headed to the tomb to apply spices on His dead body and the conversation arose of who would move the massive stone in front of the tomb. This would of been a major problem for them. Problem solved!! The scripture tells us that an angel moved the stone, not to let Christ out, but for us to see He had risen and wasn’t in there. Now in His Glorified body matter such as stone , wood, plaster, ect… couldn’t stop Him. He simply could  supernaturally go through anything. I don’t know how and I won’t try to figure out. Our natural mind can’t understand the things of God. I simply by faith believe He is Alive . My born again experience and other encounters with Him have convinced me He is alive. 

 When I have prayed for the sick and seen them recover convinces me of His truth. I have seen the blind see, the deaf mutes hear and speak, people get out of wheel chairs, demons screaming while leaving peoples bodies. I have seen the dead raised. All in the name of Jesus and the faith in that name. He has transformed my heart and mind from a wicked heart to a believing, caring and loving heart, concerned for all. I don’t know how and I don’t even try to understand. Lean not to your own understanding, but trust in the Lord.

 Have a wonderful Easter celebration this upcoming Sunday. Be sure and teach your children the real reason for Easter, His death and resurrection. Hes’ Alive for ever more.

He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!!


Expecting everyday miracles….everyday for you,

Dr. Brian and Karen

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  • Mia Jewell
    Posted at 14:50h, 21 March Reply

    Never heard it this way or read this way about the stone being rolled away….. The angel did not roll it to let Jesus out but to show the people the empty tomb and the glory of God. After all Jesus does not NEED our help but he sure smile as we are willingly show others is glory.❤

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