There is nothing like having a prayer line of 250 to 300 people. You can see the expectation in their eyes along with the anticipation on their faces. You actually feel the presence and power of God being present to heal. Just from your experience with the faithfulness of God, you know He will confirm His Word. You know people are about to be healed and others are about to have an encounter with Jesus. Some of these encounters will change their lives forever.

In these lines are different races, cultures, ages, financial statuses, and education levels. None of that matters because you see, God isn’t a respecter of people or continents. There is no foreign soil to God. He says in His Word and He meant it. “By His stripes we were healed”, and “He sent His Word to heal us”.

In a prayer line there will be people who have been diagnosed with life threatening diseases, deaf ears, blind eyes, paralytic limbs, growths, tumors and hernias. Ir doesn’t matter. His name is above every name, every disease, every demon power, and every crippled body.

And here we are tonight. The first girl is healed of severe pain and and no one touched her…His presence brought the power, the next person was in a wheel chair who got up and walked and then ran. The miracles went on until midnight and we stayed until the last one was prayed for.

I was covered with sweat from the labor, but better yet, covered in His Glory. I have never felt such satisfaction as I allowed Him to use my hands and mouth. I am rejoicing with these victorious people as they receive their promises from His Word, manifesting from the spiritual realm to their natural realm.

God is still doing it, and doing it Big!!

Expecting everyday miracles…everyday for you,

Dr. Brian

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