Imprisoned in Poverty

Imprisoned in Poverty




     We have arrived in a village called Kade, Ghana. Upon arrival we went to a small hospital where in the waiting area were chickens, small goats and lizards running freely. I entered into an exam room and small children cried as they drew blood to check for malaria and other insect borne diseases. The doctors never washed their hands between patients and the floor was dirty. Lizards frequented the counter tops. They don’t have much medicine, galls, and bandages. Medicine is in great demand. I cried as I watched the children be treated in conditions I wouldn’t allow my grandchildren to play in let alone receive medical treatment in.

     Later we went into a small police station to meet the local law enforcement officers. We were warmly greeted. When I told them I too had been in law enforcement at one time, they seemed to let down their walls as we found something in common that otherwise would not have been there. Behind the counter was a small holding jail cell with 5 prisoners. The smell was awful coming from the toilet in the back of the cell. In Ghana if your family doesn’t bring you food you don’t eat. They had no showers and had been there for long period of time. We presented the gospel to them and they accepted Christ and thanked us. We left and immediately purchased food and water for them along with bug spray to help keep the mosquitoes off of them. The conditions were inhumane.

     Everywhere there is a need, around every corner. Children sell food and articles alongside the road instead of being in school. Children are stolen by neighboring Nigerians and used for human trafficking and  for blood sacrifices in witchcraft ceremonies. Please come quickly Lord Jesus!

     From the leper colonies to  unclean conditions in hospitals to jails, the economic condition and employment situation is so low. Ghana needs your prayers, love, and consideration of financial donations into our ministry to help. Thank you in advance. Everyone’s combined portion can help greatly.  


Expecting everyday miracles…everyday for you,


Dr Brian and Pastor Karen.

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