In Israel

In Israel

I was just recently in Israel for 8 days. I have been there several times previously touring the sites and the ruins. However, this time I was blessed to actually do three meetings with Russian Jewish Messianic churches gathering together for miracle soul-winning services. What a glorious time it has been!

We were also blessed to go to Holocaust survivors and take food, gifts and pray for the healing of their bodies. While there five couples accepted Jesus as their Messiah.

In the miracle services over 300 Jewish people answered the altar calls either for the first time commitment or recommitment to the Lord. The first person in the prayer line was a 65 years old deaf mute and was instantly healed by the Lord. Many deaf ears, bad backs, legs, shoulders, hands, feet etc, were healed. The power of the First Century Church was truly demonstrated. Jesus truly is the only Messiah, Lord and King of Kings.

They are already planning the next healing, miracle conference for me to return. After the next conference, they want me to preach in about 10 plus different churches in Israel. Truly this trip will be a blessing. All the offering raised in these meeting will go toward a drug rehab building for Jewish people who need help. I’m excited about what lies ahead.

Thank you again to all who helped send me. This is only the beginning. Please pray about helping me when I return to Israel again.

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