Looking Back on 2013

Looking Back on 2013

It has been a busy year for me here at Brian Adams Ministries. I have gone from California, Canada, Africa, East Texas, West Texas, Central Texas, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and to the Apache and Navajo Nations. We can’t forget all over Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. I almost forgot Israel.

No matter where we have gone, state side or overseas, we have seen the hand of God move mightily. The picture above shows a young lady in Costa Rica being touched by God. She had a very large tumor in her breast. Once we started praying she began experiencing severe heat like fire and then after checking herself it was gone. The blind eyes ,deaf mutes, lupus, MS, cancer, arthritis and many other tormenting pain causing diseases have been  healed by the Hand of God.

 The altar calls have been greater this year than ever before. Sometimes whole crowds or 3/4 of the crowds have responded to the invitation. Plundering hell and populating Heaven.

We are presently supporting two pastors in Nicaragua and two Pastors on the Navajo reservation and we help with fuel, utilities, and food with the children at the reservation.

Because of our Centurion Partners we have been able to take bulk food into poor regions of Central America.We are covering churches, teaching leadership classes, and exhorting in jails, prison, and nursing homes. We are even placing our book in Prisons and jails. It has been translated into spanish and we have distributed it in central America and even in Nicaraguan jails.

What a year! That doesn’t include overseeing my church in Jackson. My wife and son have been doing such an awesome job there while i’ve been traveling. Brian Adams Ministries takes no credit for souls saved or bodies healed. Only Jesus saves and heals. We are only reporting on the ministry that He has made us steward over.

Expecting Everyday Miracles… Everyday for you

Dr. Brian Adams


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