During one of my trips to Central America, I had a experience that happened during a crusade I will never forget. The altar call had been made, souls had been saved and we began praying for the sick.

A man brought his ten-year-old son for prayer. His son had been born deaf and mute. That’s right, he had never heard or spoke in his life. This father had heard of the miracles of Jesus in the Bible and was hoping they still happened today. He had watched me pray for a mute woman in her wheelchair. She began to speak and walked all because of the power in the name of Jesus. Soon the father with his deaf and mute son worked his way over to where I was praying. His son became very anxious and appeared to be trying to get out of his father’s arms.

When I laid hands on him and started commanding the deaf and mute spirit to leave this child, the boy started manifesting and he took off running. The father caught him and I finished casting the spirit out. The minute the spirit was gone the boy ran to me, took my hands and placed them on his ears. He had a look in his eyes that cried out, “Help me,” He wanted to hear. I prayed for him and immediately he heard and spoke the name of Jesus. His father picked him up and I looked at the boy, pointed to the father and said,” papa”. The boy then looked at his father and for the first time spoke”PaPa”. The father cried, the boy cried and, of course, I was already crying. How wonderful are the works of God!

Two women got out of wheelchairs and walked, many deaf ears were opened, and all types of pain left bodies. Faithful are the words of Jesus, Our Savior, Our Healer, and Our Deliverer. His Name is above all names.

I am constantly amazed at His marvelous working power demonstrated to prove His love to us. Trust Him, serve Him, and learn to depend on Him. Every nation and every tongue will have to bow before Him and call Him Lord. He is not a respecter of continents.  What He does in third world countries He will and does here in America. I pray that you begin to believe for all that you need from Him. Be blessed and do your part to show people the love of God.

Expecting everyday miracles….every day for you,

Dr. Brian Adams




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