From the moment that I started telling people I was coming to Nazareth to do a miracle service, I was flooded with statements of doubt and unbelief. I’m not talking about nonbelievers,  but this was all believers. They wanted to quote from the scriptures, Jesus could do no mighty works there except heal a few sick folks. It was because of the peoples’ unbelief in Him. He said, ” A prophet isn’t without honor except in his hometown.”

 I looked at them and stated, I’m not a prophet and Nazareth isn’t my hometown. It amazes me how the negative immediately floats to the top of conversations of people that should be producing faith to levels never seen before. Jesus said , not only will you do the works I have done , but greater works will you do. Im believing to do the works He did, and then the greater. I know it will never happen unless we speak, prophesy, and declare Gods ability as limitless.

 I refused to listen to people and every service the altars were filled and many were healed. From deaf ears to blind eyes, to painful bodies. Nothing was too great for Him. As long as your faith can believe, get ready to receive. I’m here in Nazareth doing my second year of miracle services and have had the doors to about 15 churches from North Israel to south Israel opened. People have believed, recommitted or given their hearts to the Lord for the first time. From Russians to Jews,Ethiopians, Nigerians, Sudanese, Congonese and even Arabs have had their faith lifted, souls saved, and bodies healed. There have been countless miracles all over Israel.

The picture included with this blog is a wonderful woman who came to me when I was preaching in Jerusalem. With a big smile she said,” do you remember me”? She then went on to tell me she was at last years miracle service in Nazareth. She had stage 4 cancer and had come for prayer. All her pain had left at the altar when prayed for.She now told me she was totally cancer free and had been healed in that meeting. Doctors have given her a clean bill of health. Did someone say Jesus could do no mighty miracles in Nazareth? I guess they were wrong. Same town, different generation of people. This generation wants to believe. What does your generation want?Thank You Lord for healing her. All the Glory to You!!


Expecting everyday miracles….everyday for you,


Dr. Brian Adams

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