Reaching Across the Airwaves in Nicaragua

Reaching Across the Airwaves in Nicaragua

radio stationIn the picture above, you see us proclaiming the Gospel over the airwaves through radio. In this region of Central America, Nicaragua, every home radio and every car radio is tuned to this station. We are declaring Jesus crucified, resurrected, and His benefits of healing and deliverance to all. The response is wonderful.

What an honor it is to be used of God to go to the nations and preach His wonderful word. The altars are full every night. The past two nights, God has healed every person in every prayer line. That just excites me so much! I am hungry to see the benefits of His healing and deliverance made simple for His people to understand. Once these benefits are understood, they can and will be received and enjoyed.

We have been coming here for about ten years. During this time, I have enjoyed watching the children grow up and begin to take their place in the church.

Even in a poverty stricken area, they have awesome faith. They believe for their daily dinner, and transportation, etc. Originally, we were overseers of two churches here, but a third one has been birthed, and it is exploding in growth! They are seeing awesome miracles, signs and wonders God is moving mightily here in Central America, and we are so excited to be a part of this ministry.

However, God doesn’t only use us here, He is using us all over the world in different nations and continents abroad. As we close out this year, I look excitedly at 2015 and all the invitations to nations that we have received. I simply cannot do this alone. To all of my faithful partners and supporters, THANK YOU! Know that you will receive a harvest for your investment in these souls! If you would like to sow into this ministry, I invite you to help us by becoming a Centurion Partner. A Centurion Partner supports us with prayer and a monthly financial commitment. You can do this by going to

Thank you for all you do. You make a world of difference in a dying world!

Expecting everyday miracles…every day….. for you!

Dr. Brian

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