Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand!!

Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand!!



     I believe that the Lord is opening the ears and hearts of the people in His Church. When the gospel of His Kingdom is preached correctly with being presented by the word,“REPENT“, then his people will respond and turn from their wicked ways.

     I am seeing everywhere I go that when sin is exposed by preaching and evil is called evil and good is called good, people understand that a choice is to follow!! We need to quit worrying about offending people and speak His Word, which is the truth, You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free. Its time we get back to “Doing it Gods Way”. Be ye Holy cause I am Holy”

 The wages of sin is death and the way of Life is through Christ Jesus our Lord. We must bring people to a place of decision, a point of decision. They must be given a choice to repent and turn from sin, or continue. Before we can bring others to this place we must ourselves judge our hearts by the Word of God and choose to stop sinning ourselves. His Word tells us we must first bring ourselves to obedience before we can bring others. Start with yourselves and it will flow outward.

When we do repent times of refreshing come upon us. Wouldn’t you like “Times of Refreshing’s”? In the picture above you will see people who are receiving Christ for the first time and others who are repenting and renewing their covenant with the Lord.God isn’t only concerned about lost people being saved, but about saved people repenting for going back into sin. He wants everyone to get it right. and walk in His “AMAZING GRACE


Expecting everyday miracles…everyday for you!

Dr. Brian Adams.



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