Here I am back in Israel, the Holy Land. It is always wonderful to see the ruins and the sights where Jesus walked. The history in this land is awesome. If it could just speak for its self. I never forget the first time I came here, it was so amazing. This is now my fourth trip and this one and the one before has been blessed by God to be ministry trips and not just sight seeing.

     Upon arriving at the airport this trip we were met by My good Pastor friend and a friend of his from India. They greeted us by placing a prayer shawl over me and stated they loved me and that this was prophetic of their ministry covering me with protection and favor while I am in their country. This first Saturday we have a Miracle Conference with about 5 churches coming together. That will be tonight. I’m believing right here in Nazareth, Jesus’s home town we will again like the last time see miracles and souls saved. Thats right here in His home town He will do miracles confirming the Word, His Word that I preach.

The schedule is very busy ad we will be preaching in Messianic Churches from north to south Israel. There are also Ethiopian Churches and African Congo churches. So many different Ethnic groups can be found here in Israel. I’m excited to be here and have this opportunity to proclaim “The Power of The First Century Church” right here where it first started.

I met Pastor Danny from India while here the first day and we became instant friends. We are already talking about doing ministry in India. Its amazing how God opens so many doors. We will go where He opens the door. India here we come…if God wills it to be. We are looking at Taiwan and back to South Africa and Namibia Africa this year.

Thank you to all who support and pray for this ministry. We could not accomplish what we do without you!!

Expecting everyday miracles…everyday for you,

Dr Brian Adams



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