I was recently was in Searcy, Arkansas and had the privilege of preaching for Pastor Ronnie Freeman at Faith Assembly. This church has such a foundation on the word of God and totally soaked in prayer and intercession. I simply took my Holy Ghost surfboard and rode the tsunami waves already there. The people are hungry and placed such a demand on the gift of God in me,there could be nothing short of a Holy Ghost Homicide. Before long into each service there would be people lying all over the floor, out in the spirit. Miracles, signs, and wonders would echo threw the church amid shouts and praises to the lord. God truly visited His people. I can take no credit for anything. All the Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ!!! Deaf ears, spines straightened, backs, legs, and knees healed. Arthritis and phobias, fears and pains would leave with just a touch and mention of His name..(Jesus!!) It was such a honor to meet and serve these wonderful people I pray the Lord will allow me to return.

Dr. Brian Adams

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