Seeing Past the Natural

Seeing Past the Natural



What an honor to be taking the gospel global.  This has truly been a traveling season recently.  From Ghana West Africa, on to Costa Rica, and now Brazil. I am seeing God fill the altars with people committing their hearts to the Lord. Healings are happening everywhere – blind eyes, deaf ears and diseases being healed right in the meetings.  When we were in Costa Rica we began to see every tumor or hernia dissolving immediately when people were prayed over.

The prayers lines seem to go on forever even into the late night. People are leaving the church going to pick sick people up who weren’t originally there and then bring them to the prayer lines.  All this causes people to begin to look at me as if I’m someone of great importance. When I see this happening I immediately inform them that it’s not by any power of my own that this is happening, but that the Lord is simply working with me healing the people. To prove this I then began to pull young christian teenagers from the congregation and have them pray in Jesus name for the sick and the people are healed instantly just as if I was praying.

God wants to use all of His believers to be supernatural. If we could only see past the natural we would see angels and demons both in the meetings and we would see that it is His Spirit healing the people. Brian Adams Ministries takes no credit for souls saved or emotions or bodies healed. Only Jesus saves and heals!!

These signs shall follow those that believe….”they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover”.  Allow your hands to be used by the Lord. Look past the natural into the supernatural and become a believer that not only hears, but sees. I encourage you to not wait but to start today.

Keep your prayers coming!  God is moving!

Expecting everyday miracles…everyday

Dr. Brian and Karen

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