She Came Believing

She Came Believing


Just like the women with an issue of blood, this women above in the picture came to the meeting believing that when she arrived she would be healed. Sometimes it seems everything that can happen will. She ended up without a ride, delay after delay and she almost didn’t come. She realized it was so late now that the meeting would be over.

She finally got a ride and yes the meeting had been dismissed and was over. I saw her come in the door all bent over and walking on an arm brace cane. You could tell by her facial expressions it hurt her to walk. Six years before she had broken her back and it had healed wrong leaving her in pain and bent over. Her leg hurt and were very weak. Actually one was weaker than the other and she kind of pulled it behind her.

     She told me  she had come for the miracle service, but saw that everyone had already left.She asked when there would be another and if the speaker would be back. I just laughed and introduced myself as the speaker and she cried. I instructed her to forgive all people who had hurt her and she was even angry at God. After forgiving and receiving forgiveness I broke all witchcraft off of her and she stood up pain free and was even standing up straight.

She began to walk all around crying and giving glory to God and proclaiming to Him she was so sorry for being mad at Him. God thoughts towards you are good, He loves you and He has provided already for your tomorrow and entire future. Rather it be forgiveness, healing, and provision, know He is there for you. Begin to believe again and start receiving His love.

Expecting everyday miracles…everyday,

Dr. Brian Adams


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