She Ran!

She Ran!

The picture above is of a young lady here in Romania in a Gypsy camp. She had a crippling disease which affected her muscles and bones. She could not stand or walk unassisted. Someone had to hold her on both sides and it was very awkward. She had been watching as others we being healed when they brought her to me for prayer. When she got close to me she grabbed me and started crying.

She said, “I will be healed too”. I didn’t know what she was saying, but I felt the demand she was making on my gift. Her cry made me cry and I just hugged her tightly as we cried together. All I could do was to say “thank you, Lord, that you have healed her”..over and over again. The atmosphere totally changed around the two of us. I told her to stand up straight because she was bent over. She stood up straight and I started to walk her only holding one hand and when I saw she could walk, I let go and walked across the room. She stopped at first when I let go and just stood still. I looked at her across the room and put my hands up to motion to her to walk to me by herself. She grinned and started to slowly run to me.

Everyone was crying. She turned around and ran to her father and they both cried thanking the Lord. Did I mention that I love my job!! Ok..Ok. You know me. I cried even more!!
God’s way is for us to keep our mind, our ears, our eyes, and our heart occupied with His Word while He brings to pass it’s manifestation.

The human way is to keep our mind on the disease, our ears tuned to human logic, our eyes on physical symptoms, and our heart filled with fear and apprehension.

God’s order to make His Word health to our flesh is to give all of our attention to His Word only; to believe it and to confess it, even if physical symptoms may contradict what He says.
Gods first call to you and me, if we want to follow Him, is to forsake our ways and our thoughts.. He says,( Isaiah 55:8)” My thoughts are not your thoughts and my ways are not your ways.”

He pronounced the blind man healed while he was still blind, and then he received his sight.
He declared the lepers cleansed while their disease was still apparent, and as they went away they were healed. At the tomb of Lazarus Jesus thanked His Father for hearing Him before he even prayed. Then He called Lazarus to come out while he was still dead.

Faith means we believe God has already done what we asked Him to do, even before we see the results. Go ahead. I dare you to believe God for something. I know because of His Word you have already received it.

Expecting everyday miracles…everyday.
Dr. Brian and Pastor Karen Adams

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