We have had such a wonderful trip to Pakistan this year. What has made this trip so special for me is the chance to leave something behind that will make an eternal difference. We have partnered with my friend in CCI ministries here in Pakistan. They distribute thousands of bibles in the local language of the people. My book ,”The Power of Forgiveness” has been translated into Urdu. So together as we do miracle salvation meetings, we are also distributing bibles and copies of my book.  This is only possible because of the generous giving of all of my Centurion Partners and friends of Brian Adams Ministries.

I strongly believe Jesus died for the healing of the whole man. Body, soul and spirit. So we preach repentance from sin, deliverance of the soul and healing for the body. Now we are able to give free of charge bibles and books of biblical teachings to the wonderful people of Pakistan. My heart is beginning to be drawn to the 10/40 window, where so many have not heard the Gospel of Jesus because of the strong Muslim and Hindu stronghold the devil has there. Please be praying that the Lord will continue to open doors of opportunity for the sharing of the gospel in these areas. As we are coming to the end of this year, Karen and I want to thank you for all of your faithful financial and prayerful support. It takes many working together to accomplish the goals and complete the vision our blessed Savior has given us. “Go into all the World and preach this Gospel”. We are ready to enter into 2019. It is going to be a blessed year.

Please continue on this journey of faith with us and together we can be the light to a world of darkness.

Expecting Everyday Miracles…Everyday

Dr. Brian and Karen Adams

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