Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

By Pastor Karen Adams

My husband has always said that one of the keys to harvest time is to never stop telling YOUR STORY. He has said for years that every time he tells his testimony the same power that set him free years ago is released all over again.

There is an old hymn that goes like this, “This is my story. This is my song. Praising my Savior all the day long”.

Allow me to speak some truth today. You and I are probably the only Jesus most people will ever see. Let’s face it. Unbelievers aren’t known for reading, praying, and studying the Word on a daily basis. However, when we get saved, we change. We become the walking manifestation of the Word of God. Our walk, our posture, the way we respond to situations, even our conversations becomes a picture of Jesus to the world. It is YOUR STORY of how you were before salvation and YOUR STORY of how you are now that you are saved that testifies of His saving grace.

Every time you begin to share YOUR STORY of what the Lord has done in your life, you begin to network with heaven and the tongue of an evangelist comes upon you. You become an ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven.

We have been dispatched into this earth to proclaim as did the angels over 2,000 years ago, “Peace on earth, good will towards men”. YOUR STORY opens the door for you to begin to tell everyone that God’s not mad and He has extended an invitation to this lost and dying generation. You can tell them that Jesus has come that they may have life and that more abundantly. You can share that Jesus forgives sins and doesn’t want anyone to go to hell. It is hard for people to understand spiritual truths because the natural mind can’t understand the things of God. That’s why YOUR STORY is so powerful. It becomes a reference point, a living example, for all to see.

YOUR STORY of what the Lord has done for you will draw people to you. Didn’t Jesus tell us that He would make us fishers of men? Well, now we become the bait for God to draw sinners to Him. Once you’ve tasted the victory of snatching souls out of the devil’s hands and leading them to the feet of Jesus, you will never want to stop telling YOUR STORY.

Make a decision today. Don’t let the sun go down today without sharing YOUR STORY. Remember, when you tell YOUR STORY you release the anointing for it to happen all over again.

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