The Call to Pray

The Call to Pray






     I was standing out on the balcony of my room in Accra, Ghana. It was early morning and I was meditating on the Word of God. Very loudly over the speakers on the local Muslim Mosque I could plainly hear their call to prayer. It could be heard all over the city. Streets would be shut down and businesses would close as they willfully and faithfully answer the call and all would attend.

     I tried to listen even harder. “What for?” you ask.  I was trying to listen for the sound of the true church. A call to prayer to the one and only God. What sound is the Church that the Lord Jesus died for making in this day and hour? I could hear nothing. It was quiet. Oh, how the devil’s kingdom is making itself heard. Not only that but it’s followers are obeying.

     I remembered at that moment that it is written, “My Fathers House is a House of Prayer, but you have made it den of thieves! When we as the church have fellowship dinners, generally everyone shows up, even those who have slacked in attendance. When we have men’s fishing outings, and women’s tea gatherings lots of people show up. But when there is an actual prayer meeting, the attendance is pitiful. This is my experience after 33 years of being saved.

     People, the church is the answer to the world’s problems. The church isn’t the problem. When I finally do hear the sound of the church it seems to be everyone giving their opinion of what is wrong in the church today or finding why they don’t need to be there.  Let us focus on getting ourselves right, returning to our first love, and show up to prayer. As a leader in His church today I am boldly and loudly sending out a call for prayer. Give Him thanks and worship Him for all He has done and has given us.  Again, His Church is the answer and it isn’t wrong at all. There may be a few people doing wrongs things in it, but the church itself is God’s creation, His body. 

     Again as a leader in the church I ask you to forgive me for not sounding a call to prayer, for not teaching on it more. I have made it a priority in my own life but I haven’t made it a priority in my teachings. We the church are a new creation. Please join me in a new commitment to prayer. Will you help me sound a clarion call to prayer?

     Forgive me for anything I personally have done to offend anyone. You are loved, you are blessed, and you are the answer to someone’s prayer. I only want to be a blessing to God and then to you. To God always be the Glory!

Expecting everyday miracles …….everyday for you,


Dr. Brian and Pastor Karen




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