The Culture of the Kingdom

The Culture of the Kingdom



As a traveling minister, I may not yet have the ability to speak the many different languages of the countries I visit, but I am learning the ability to speak to different cultures and to respond and respect each of them. We must not expect people to change to suit us.  As I travel to many countries I hear these questions frequently, “Are you going to try to teach us how to be like Americans?”, or “Are you one of those who want us to be like a white man?”

My answer immediately is “NO“.   I am here to impart Kingdom principles to every nation, tribe and tongue. I have a mandate to teach and preach,”The Kingdom Of Heaven”.  Let’s face it, we were all created by God and from one blood. Even though we have different skin colors, different languages and certainly different cultures, I believe we are not called to preach our culture, color, and our man made traditions.

When we become born again we are adopted into the family of God and we have now entered into His Kingdom. He is the King and we are His subjects. We must learn to honor this new culture of the King. All of us must surrender our cultures if they go against His culture. His ways must always take priority.

We cannot allow anyone to try to change the kingdom culture and replace it with man’s culture. The Kingdom(church) must overpower and change our culture by His Spirit. We need to make sure we lie, steal, kill, and dishonor no more. Let us learn to be gentle, loving and kind. Isn’t that how things work in His Kingdom? Come be part of the Kingdom of God. He will empower us to repent and walk in holiness. With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

Expecting everyday miracles…everyday

Dr. Brian and Pastor Karen Adams

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