What a wonderful opportunity God has given me to preach to the churches here in Israel. I will be preaching in Russian Messianic churches , to Ethiopian Messianic churches, to Congonese African Churches. He has called His people from all over the world to come back to Israel . The Law of Evangelism states plainly,,,” To the Jew First and then the Gentile

     Last night the Gospel was preached and the altar was filled with people coming to Jesus or re-committing to the Lord. In the prayer line which followed the power of words spoken over the Jewish people were broken and a prayer line for healing saw people deliver from disease and pain suffered from as long as 30 years. Jesus was opening partial and deaf ears. Bad backs, arms, legs, and shoulders were all healed. Bad vision, head aches..ect… Jesus was doing miracles right here in His home town of Nazareth. He is “The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever‘.

 Again I want to thank all of my Brian Adams Ministries Centurion Partner and friends who sow financially. Its because of you I am able to come and do these meetings. Every soul saved and body healed is added to your account in heaven.

Expecting everyday miracles…everyday for you,

Dr. Brian Adams

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