I am amazed at the number of souls that are ready to be harvested in the world today. The scripture  says,” The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few” Matthew 9:37.

It doesn’t seem to matter what country I’m in, if I’m in a church or in a crusade, the results have been the same. If the gospel of repentance of sin and acceptance of Him and His Kingdom are preached, there will be a “Harvest”. I am seeing entire churches answer altar calls. In Costa Rica and Brazil there hasn’t been enough room around the altar areas to hold the number of people wanting Jesus so we have had to let the people stay standing in their seats and pray.

Jesus didn’t come to redeem mankind only from his sins so that man’s after life is secure, but also to provide deliverance and healing and provision for us in this lifetime. The restoration of identity, the healing of the soul and body are important to the Lord. He created man – Body, Soul, and Spirit. All three were damaged in the fall in the garden by sin. All three need healed and restored by Christ now.

We are spending hours praying one at a time for each man, woman, and child. Everything from demon possession, to blind eyes, deaf ears, and crippled bodies to metal disappearing in peoples body is  happening. The Lord is faithful to His Word. Allow yourself to be redeemed, healed and released from mental torment and captivity. He paid the price , “Just believe and receive”.

The Church is full of people who have been freed from the penalty of sin, but not walking free from the power of sin. In this life you can have both. His death and resurrection was sufficient to release mankind from his fallen state. You must believe and receive and fight to keep what you have been given. You are so important, loved, and awesome! Receive your benefits from the Lord! Be free!!

Expecting everyday miracles…everyday for you,

Dr Brian and Pastor Karen Adams

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  • Sandra Hesson
    Posted at 09:24h, 24 August Reply

    Awesome words of truth!!! I love and pray for both of you as God is using each of you …. to lead His people into salvation… healings…. and true freedom !!!! You are truely my sister and brother!!! I love you and rejoice in what you allow God to do through you!

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