As I travel around the United States and other countries, I see the need for ministers and laborers. By laborers, I mean those who really want to be laborers. I am talking about ones who are willing to work long hours, preach many nights, and pray for people for as many hours as it takes. We need people who are not going for the travel, fellowship, or sightseeing. Those with passion that drives them to places others would not venture too.

There is such a need for true Gospel preaching, that of repentance, of Christ crucified and resurrected. An ultra grace message telling people they can do and live however they want is simply leading people into deception and is not acceptable. Without godly sorrow there is no repentance unto salvation. Unless the devil’s legal ground is broken there will be no true deliverance and healing that will last.

To be a global minister, one must love all races, cultures, and nations in spite of any political affiliations. We are to bring a spiritual kingdom, not an earthly kingdom to the lost.

Yes, we live in a natural realm, but only the Kingdom of God can set the captive free.  There is more work out here than one man or even many men and women can do. Please pray to the Lord of the Harvest that He will send Power Evangelists out into His Harvest. The Harvest is truly ripe. It’s ready. Are You?

Expecting everyday miracles…everyday for you,

Dr. Brian and Pastor Karen


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