The Persecuted Church

The Persecuted Church



I remembered the song this morning that I sang as a child,”Oh How I Love Jesus, Because He First Loved Me”. Yes, not just a powerful song but a powerful truth. While we were still sinners Christ died for us.

I grew up thinking that everyone had the freedom and opportunity to worship and attend church openly. I have since come to find out that isn’t true. Many countries have governments totally controlled by the enemy and they make it almost impossible to freely worship, or even confess openly that they are believers.

My walk with Christ has brought me on a journey to places where to serve Christ openly is dangerous to a person’s employment, place of living, and even their personal freedom. Israel is a place where Christ is more hated and despised than anywhere I have ever been. Now I’m in a place where the media is controlled, public evangelism is illegal, and if a church is registered with the government, they have such restrictions that the Spirit couldn’t move.

Churches where the Spirit is truly moving are called ,”The Underground Church”. They meet in different places, times, and days so as to not be found out. I can’t imagine most Americans risking their lives, possibly be imprisoned, and even martyred for their belief in Christ. Many can’t even handle a strong sermon from the Word on truth and repentance without being offended.

I truly hope as I worship with these awesome true believers that I can catch their fire-filled faith and learn true stewardship with the salvation freely given to us by God. I’m headed to a city I won’t name to worship and minister to a people in this exact situation. Our destiny hasn’t been given to us, no names yet of motels, and no places where we will meet, and even hints of meeting in the forest.

I am so excited, so humbled, and so eager to experience all that God has for me. I truly desire to change radically from who I have always been and to be transformed into His image. My desire is to be the visible image of the invisible God. This journey to China will forever hold a special place in my heart. He has now placed a supernatural love for the people here, their families, and their nation.

I’m expecting everyday miracles everyday……for China

Dr. Brian Adams

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  • Hui Liu
    Posted at 19:35h, 07 September Reply

    I read your post several times. I thank God giving you a heart for China. Thank you for bring Jerry to translate for you. Will continue my prayers, God bless!

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