The Recovering of Sight to the Blind

The Recovering of Sight to the Blind


Even the hot and humid temperatures haven’t been able to dampen my spirits as ministry opportunities have presented themselves to win the lost and  to see the sick and lame healed. I’m constantly praying for the anointing to increase and doubt and any unbelief to leave my soul so I will be able to exercise a cleaner undiluted faith as I minister to His people.

Leaving family, friends and church behind as I travel haunts at my heart trying to tempt me to not do these trips for so long. This is when one must pull their thoughts captive and realize there is a sacrificial cost to fulfilling ones call. The altars filled with people weeping and crying out to Jesus to release forgiveness and healing from heaven so their enslaved souls will become free, help silence any selfishness in my mind.

If I’ve never had the chance to tell you, I love my job. Traveling the world,making devils homeless, creating atmospheres where healing and miracles can happen; there is nothing anywhere like it. I’ve been forgiven and love the chance to travel and share my story of great deliverance by the Lord. Only Jesus saves and only Jesus heals.

     In last nights meeting Gods presence was so tangible. People were saved and healed. A man was brought up by his wife who was 100% blind in his left eye and 50% blind in his right eye. I asked him if he believed God could heal him through me and he replied that was why he was there.With his faith verbally declared , I prayed in the name of Jesus three times and he began to count my fingers held up and his vision was restored in both eyes…to God be the Glory.

 To be able to see and experience scripture come alive thrills my soul. The blind see, the deaf hear and the mute speak. The Word of God is truly real. Jesus is alive and He wants to save and heal you and your whole household!!


Expecting everyday miracles….everyday,

Dr. Brian Adams


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