This Can’t Be Stopped

This Can’t Be Stopped



I have arrived  in China and I am totally blown away at this beautiful culture.

I arrived on Saturday, took a bus for 1 1/2 hours, and a train for another hour to arrive at my destination. I was greeted by my friend, Jerry’s, family with open arms and have been treated so kindly. They have welcomed me in their homes and have taken me to places where food was prepared in an awesome style and grandeur. Truly God has gone before me and prepared the way.

English is not spoken by many. On occasion someone sees me and assumes that I am an American. If they speak English, they will approach me. Two English school teachers, along with a man from England, spent a moment asking questions as to why I was here in China. I informed them that I was here to share my faith. They warned me to be careful because China doesn’t take kindly to people evangelizing Christ.

Sunday morning I went to a Government registered church. They had a choir and it appeared to be a nice place. It was a large congregation. However, being a government registered church they have many restrictions placed upon them. I tried to talk to the pastor and was told he wasn’t allowed to communicate with foreigners. They wouldn’t allow me to see him.

At my first dinner with Jerry’s family, the older brother, who everyone submits to by culture, made his opinion known to me.  He didn’t believe in any God. In the natural it appeared that doors were closing for this family.  As we walked outside, I told my friend not to be disappointed that there will always be opposition to the Gospel.  He turned to me and made this bold statement,”This can’t be stopped”. What faith! He meant the gospel of Jesus Christ cannot be stopped and he is so right. I got excited at his faith and since that moment we have seen many of his family members saved.

The older brother even requested prayer for his sickness. As he sat in front of me with his eyes closed looking for healing from Jesus, I realized the amazing grace and miracles God will do for a man praying for his family. I looked over at my friend as he was crying and thanking our wonderful Father in Heaven for what the Lord was doing for his family. Heaven is touching earth in China.

Expecting everyday miracles…everyday for you

Dr. Brian

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